E. Kerry Bramhall

Kerry Bramhall is a Seattle-based clinical social worker, counselor, psychotherapist, and Approved Social Work Supervisor with years of experience helping people in diverse circumstances and settings. Ms. Bramhall’s area of expertise is tailoring established therapeutic techniques to meet the client’s needs.

The words “therapy” or “counseling” can conjure up different meanings for different people. The essence of Professional Counseling & Consultation is to offer a safe, respectful, confidential, and nonjudgmental relationship with a therapist, tailor-made to assist you.

Whether you are faced with a personal or professional crisis, or approaching one of life’s many transitions, a supportive and specialized therapeutic relationship can help you address issues that you may otherwise not have the opportunity to talk about. Please see the contact page and call for information about a free phone consultation.

Therapeutic techniques to meet the client’s needs!
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